Food Is Fun

Food Is Fun is for everyone, and is about improving our relationships with food, and promoting healthy eating in a fun way. We communicate the benefits of healthy eating through a mixture of show-and-tell, cookery demonstrations, tasting & hands-on activities.


Sessions include laughter, education, cooking skills, numeracy, diet awareness, sharing, interaction and contribution, teamwork and confidence building. Our recipients have included Primary & Secondary Schools, Surestart centres, Universities and Public Events (festivals, markets, school fairs and more). We will liven up the atmosphere bringing excitement to your event and have held over 100 events for over 60 different organisations.

Our Work working with communities since 2008:

We can create events for everyone, but we have a specific set of events for schools:

The Food Is Fun Programme for Schools

The Food Is Fun Programme for Schools has been developed to help schools deliver elements of Food Technology and to promote healthy eating. We believe that in addition to children learning about balanced diets and the mechanics of food we must also communicate the fun of cooking and being able to produce healthy food that is good to eat. We create a memorable event through live, interactive food sessions tailored to the specific needs of the school. The events use a mixture of show-and-tell, cookery demonstrations, tasting and hands-on activities to communicate the benefits of healthy, tasty eating.  These demonstrations focus on the “fun of cooking” and “how to produce healthy food that is good to eat”.

Our “travelling kitchen” is available for full-day or half-day events throughout Devon and Cornwall.

Important Changes to the Ofsted Common Inspection Framework - Sept 2015

In February 2015 Ofsted wrote to school food experts and politicians to announce that following a public consultation, Ofsted is to inspect on healthy eating and food culture within their new "Common Inspection Framework" from September 2015. Read a copy of Ofsted's letter here.

The new Framework will include a judgement on the extent to which schools and other providers are successfully supporting pupils to gain 'knowledge of how to keep themselves healthy, including through exercising and healthy eating':

‘Inspectors will look for evidence of a culture or ethos of exercise and healthy eating throughout their entire inspection visit, in classrooms as well as the school canteen. They will look at the food on offer and visit the canteen to see the atmosphere and culture in the dining space and the affect it has on pupils’ behaviour. Inspectors will also speak to school leaders about how they help to ensure a healthy lifestyle for pupils by helping them gain knowledge of a good diet, physical exercise and mental well-being.’

We anticipate that inspectors will be prompted to look for a range of evidence extended across the whole school approach – Working with Food Is Fun will be an excellent piece of evidence to present at an inspection to help a school's Ofsted rating. The Inspection Framework will be published this summer as Ofsted embarks on a series of regional roadshows.

Key Stage 1 - “Fun healthy food"

Short, 30 minute Show-and-Tell sessions showing the children normal and unusual fish (e.g. mackerel, gurnard, squid etc), fruit/vegetables (e.g. dragon fruit, ginger etc) and herbs (e.g. rosemary, mint etc plus other smelly things like vanilla). If there is enough time we get the children to touch and smell the food, with lots of hand-washing of course!

It is important for our children to understand where food comes from, and why it is good to eat.

Visit our "Where Food Comes From" page for a selection of videos we have found.

Key Stage 2 - The "Pick and Mix" Health Kids School Programme

We believe that every child has the right to food education & healthy food choices. We are working alongside Plymouth City Council’s Brad Pearce and his team. We support the Food for Life Partnership , the Chef’s Adopt a School programme , the School Food Plan and Plymouth’s Healthy Child Quality Mark. We have many years’ experience of working with primary school children and tailor activities to suit school’s needs.

Year 6 Pop Up Restaurant Show and Tell

Testimonials for the "Pick and Mix" Programme:

"The whole project we found to be a great success, hence we are again following the programme this year. The children were introduced to cooking and nutrition in a whole new way and worked enthusiastically throughout, exceeding our expectations in their catering roles at the Pop-Up restaurant. We would certainly recommend ‘Food is Fun’ to other schools wishing to enrich their curriculum."

"We had a lovely time taking part in the Food is Fun experience. The team were really friendly and enthusiastic which encouraged our children to have a go. The pop up restaurant was a brilliant experience for our children taking turns in preparing, serving and eating the food that they had chosen for that day. We were all very tired after all the cleaning up was done but it was worth it to see the children having such a good time."

Key Stage 3 (Secondary students ages 11-14) – “Cooking techniques”

Short, 45 minute hands-on demonstrations for each class focusing on cooking techniques, healthy eating and methods. Includes more advanced food preparation with the students, such as creating savoury dishes, desserts etc. Additional Healthy Eating messages are covered.

Key Stage 4 (Secondary students ages 14-16+) – “Survival cooking”

Up to two-hour cooking demonstrations, focusing on what to cook as a young adult – particularly when leaving home for work or further education. How to have fun while surviving in the big wide world. Includes questions and answer sessions with students and tasting sessions. In-depth masterclasses for GCSE students can also be constructed, preparing them for their examinations.

Lunchboxes – “Healthy and Practical”

A half-day interactive session which can be aimed at both children and parents. Giving tips on how to cost-effectively and practically create a range of foods for school children's lunchboxes. Chef's tips for the parents, and samples for the children - with the aim of encouraging them to try something new.

The “FOOD IS FUN” programme for schools is available now throughout the South West. This webpage outlines the general offering, however individual events can be tailored to your organisation or school’s needs. Events can be held on a morning or afternoon, whole day or over a range of days to suit, depending on availability.

Each Food Is Fun event is different and is priced accordingly (shorter, cheaper events are possible). Travel costs outside the Plymouth area are extra.

We will bring our own kitchen, cooking equipment, ingredients and food. All you will need to provide is a suitable demonstration area and two 13-amp electrical supplies (and the students!).

In a typical full-day event for a Primary School we would be able to present four or five individual demonstrations, each lasting 40-50 minutes for a class of 30 to 60 pupils. We estimate being able to address up to 250 pupils in a full day. The prices include the full cost of food and a recipe card or quiz for each pupil to take home, and can be between £1 or £2 per pupil.

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