Food Is Fun Cooking and Food Events

Food Is Fun have been creating memorable, inspiring and fun food-related events since 2008. We have created a stimulating menu of memorable, interactive food events and courses, which are tailored to the specific needs of the audience. Our events use a mixture of show-and-tell, cookery demonstrations, tastings, and hands-on activities to communicate the benefits of healthy eating.
Some of our events:

Our events are delivered in a number of locations, such as schools and community spaces.  We want people to enjoy food and cooking, and by developing enjoyable activities we can create an event that is fun and educational. A typical session includes laughter, education, cooking skills, numeracy, diet awareness, sharing, interaction and contribution, teamwork and confidence building. These are some of the activities we can create:

  • Masterclasses - where professional chefs pass on their tips
  • Public Cooking Demos - fun, entertaining and informative food demos in any location
  • Ready Steady Cooks - using the well-loved TV format we host two chefs and invited participants to battle it out
  • Healthy Eating Education - in schools or community halls

Visit our Facebook page to see pictures of some of our events and news of upcoming public events.

Who we work with:

We work in partnership with local Schools, Food Festivals, Public Health staff, Plymouth City Council, the National Trust, Food Plymouth (the Soil Association) and many other organisations. We support Plymouth's 'Healthy Child Quality Mark' (replacing Healthy Schools) to ensure children are educated in the benefits of healthy eating in schools at a young age. Our local chefs provide expert advice including sourcing food from local markets, top tips on healthy cooking and how to produce easy, tasty and affordable dishes. Other examples include visiting parents in SureStart Centres and mother's groups within Health Centres to demonstrate family-friendly dishes on a budget, cooking lunch for an Over-55's group, survival cooking for new university students, and filleting & cooking locally-caught fresh fish outside on a camping stove with school age children.

The "FOOD IS FUN PAVILION" at Flavourfest:

Since 2011 we have run the "Food is Fun Pavilion" within Plymouth's FlavourFest - the largest free Food and Drink Festival in the SouthWest, with nearly 150,000 visitors over three days. Families from far and wide come to spend time having fun with food; from learning about the science of food by extracting the DNA from bananas (with The British Science Association), to making and baking their own pizzas. Supported by a large number of local chefs we offer cookery demonstrations throughout the three days of the festival. These give parents the opportunity to watch simple dishes be created while their children join in the cooking. There is always time to ask the chefs for advice on food they cook at home.